StarsDraft Review

StarsDraft-LogoWho they are

Launched in 2014, StarsDraft (formerly Victiv) was taken over by the gaming giant Amaya and was re-branded as StarsDraft and launched in September 2015 to offer a brand new fantasy gaming experience to fans.

What they offer

Currently StarsDraft offers daily fantasy game players to play NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and PGA on their site. However StarsDraft is poised to grow with soccer being most probably an addition in the near future.

Even before Victiv underwent rebranding as StarsDraft they offered a good mix of salary cap Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) tournaments, double-ups, and head-to-head games.

Back in 2014, Victiv had $16,000 worth GPPs for week 1 of the NFL season and in 2015, StarsDraft had increased this amount to almost $180,000 for week 1 kickoffs. Thus rebranding has led to tremendous growth for Victiv/StarsDraft.

Getting Started

Registering at Victiv/StarsDraft is easier than most other gaming sites since they allow quick registration via Facebook or Google+. Else, registration involves providing a username, password and a valid email address.

Like all other fantasy gaming sites players must be over age 18 for registration and players from the states of Arizona, Louisiana, Montana and Washington are restricted in accessing StarsDraft.

Payments and Bonuses

The minimum deposit accepted at StarsDraft is $20 and the range varies up to a maximum of $3000 a day and $9000 per week.

Making a deposit involves the simple process of logging into your account and clicking the Deposit button which is placed below the username.

StarsDraft accepts payment via major credit cards, MasterCard and Visa debit cards as well as PayPal. Another innovation of StarsDraft is that they accept payment via Bitcoin, the newest form of payment on the internet.  

When you sign up for an account at StarsDraft and make your first deposit, you are given an extremely generous bonus of 100% for up to $1000. Thus you basically double the amount of your first deposit.

This bonus can be obtained over time when you take part in contests. For each dollar paid to StarsDraft as rake enables you to obtain $0.40 of the bonus money which can then be used as real money in contests.

Even if you are short of money to spend, StarsDraft offers a promotion known as “Bankroll Building” where you get three $5 tickets to tournaments. If your team can win against their computer in all three games, you earn $30 for further entries for tournaments. This a brand new and unique promotion exclusively at StarsDraft.

In addition, StarsDraft has a refer-a-friend scheme which lets you earn up to $20 for each friend referred. The catch here is that the friend you refer has to beat the StarsDraft computer with their free ticket for you to be able to claim the referral money.

Mastering site navigation

The most amount of time that you will spend on any fantasy gaming site will be on the lobby and draft area where you enter contests, look up information on players and draft lineups etc. And StarsDraft definitely wins with its minimalistic website design with an extremely clear white background and absolutely user friendly browsing capabilities. What’s more they also some unique facilities which are extremely useful and not offered by any of the big fish in the industry.


This is one of the coolest features on StarsDraft, an innovation by the StarsDraft team that you can find nowhere else. VICTRON creates an automatic player line up for you via algorithms depending on the importance that you give to various player stats in order to make the initial creation of a player lineup much easier. From this automatic selection that VICTRON creates, you can further refine the players that you decide to keep.

Live Scoring

StarsDraft offers live scoring facilities where a simple click on a player in the chosen lineup enables you to view a complete profile on the player including play by play feed of his scoring, ownership percentage compared to other players at his position etc.

Quick Enter

StarsDraft lets you join other games using a lineup that you have created previously (the same lineup). Thus joining a new game is simple as clicking a mouse button. When you see a game of your preference, hover the mouse over the game, and a sign of a lightning bolt appears (the quick enter icon).


The rake charged at StarsDraft is different from that of most other sites. Unlike other fantasy gaming providers, StarsDraft does not charge a flat rake of 10% across standard games. Instead, the rake varies from game to game in a range of 7.5%-9%. In addition, for H2H tables which are anonymous, the current rake is around 5%-6%.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Victiv/StarsDraft currently does not have a website which supports mobile devices and neither an IOS or Android app, which is major drawback in comparison to DraftKings, FanDuel etc. However since they are yet a very young introduction to the fantasy gaming arena, further growth will most probably lead to accommodation of mobile devices and the development of apps.


The website of StarsDraft contains a FAQ page where answers for common questions on deposits, withdrawals and lineups as well as rules etc. can be found. In addition, StarsDraft’s customer service can be reached via email as well as via Facebook and Twitter.


Being the new kid on the block, Victiv continues to grow from strength to strength after undergoing rebranding as StarsDraft and is definitely a daily fantasy gaming site to checkout with plenty of ultra-useful features, a clean interface, various payment methods and fantastic bonuses with a wide selection of games to choose from. If you are a newbie into the daily fantasy gaming scene, not to worry, StarsDraft is most certainly not going to fall short of your expectations, and is definitely worth checking out!

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