SportsTradex Review

sportstradex-logo Who they are

Founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, SportsTradex offers a refreshing game experience to players who are tired of the age-old salary-cap style of games offered on almost every other fantasy gaming site in the industry.

On SportsTradex you can select from for unique gaming styles to enjoy a wholly new fantasy gaming experience and what’s more they even charge a lower rake than most other names in the arena.

SportsTradex pays out around $23,000 to players each week and is company set to grow with a target of reaching more than 4000 players to claim as theirs.

What they offer

On SportsTradex players can participate in tournaments of NFL, NBA, MLB, and Nascar, and these can be played under four categories of contests, Draft Contests, Pick’em Contests, Survivor Contests and Trading Games. Out of these four the last three are unique to SportsTradex.

Draft contests are the most popular on SportsTradex where a standard league format is followed. However players follow a unique tiered system where teams have seven to nine players.

In Pick’em contests, players are given a list of 10 fantasy teams from which they usually need to pick 8 teams and the player who selects the largest number of winning teams (based on SportsTradex rules and scoring systems) wins the game.

Survivor contests are similar to Pick’em contests but run for multiple rounds where players need to only pick one to two teams per round. The winner will be the player who picks the most number of winning teams at each round.

Trading Games are a form of contest where players are given virtual money to purchase teams. Players can then buy and sell teams till a timer expires upon which SportsTradex will assign a value to each team and the player with the highest valued team wins the contest.

Getting Started

Registering at SportsTradex is extremely simple in comparison to many similar fantasy gaming sites. No personal information needs to be given other than your name and a valid email address. Choose a username and password and voila you are a registered player at SportsTradex.

Additional information to be considered before registering at SportsTradex are that you need to be at least 18 years of age and not a resident of the states of  Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Quebec (Canada), and Washington due to restrictions in jurisdiction with regard to fantasy gaming in these states.

Payments and Bonuses

Players at SportsTradex can make deposits via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal. One player can only have one real cash account.

SportsTradex offers a welcome bonus of 30% up to $120 and what makes them unique with regard to this bonus is that it is transferred to your account immediately, with no requirement of needing to play real cash games in order to claim the bonus.

In addition to the welcome bonus SportsTradex also offers a great rewards scheme where you can win points upon entering contests as well as when a contest fills out. For example entering a GPP earns you 10 points for a $10 contest and if it fills you get an extra 30 points.

Mastering site navigation

SportsTradex has a website which is extremely user friendly and simple to master and navigate and pages that are most frequently used can be accessed via links placed at the top of each page on the website. This includes:

  • My Dashboard – Enables players to view details of live, upcoming as well as completed games.
  • Contests – Allows players to join games by browsing open contests in featured in the game lobby. Additionally this link also allows players to view the number of open contests left to join in.
  • Profile – This link enables players to make changes to your personal profile track referrals and add and withdraw funds etc.

Overall, the website has a clean design and a pleasure to use with a very small learning curve for new players.


Charged as a small commission off the entry fee of games played SportsTradex charges rakes as follows:

  • Tournaments with a buy-in of $33 or lower – The rake is 10%.
  • Tournaments with a buy-in of above $33 – The rake is 9%.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Though SportsTradex has still not released an android or IOS app, players can enjoy a seamlessly smooth experience on mobile devices where everything that you can do on desktop site of SportsTradex can also be experience on a mobile device.

Players can be tracked during live contests in a similar manner to the desktop site of SportsTradex though browsing the entire lobby requires some amount of scrolling unless you select the competitions that you are interested in the most via filtering.


Support on SportsTradex is very much in par with that offered by other sites in the industry with a standard FAQ page that answers common issues faced by players and a Terms and Conditions page which clearly and simply explains the rules and principles of SportsTradex.

If you need to contact a customer service representative at SportsTradex, they can be contacted as follows. At the bottom of any page on the SportsTradex website there is a link named “Contact Us.” Click on this link and you will be taken to a page with a form to fill out the issue you have faced. A member of the SportsTradex team will get back to very quickly via email with a solution to your problem.


For those fantasy games fans out there who love the daily thrill of playing a good game but are looking for a deviation from the dreary familiarity of salary-cap games, SportsTradex is the ideal fantasy gaming site for you with a pick of unique competitions to take part in. And it is this this uniqueness of SportsTradex which makes them stand out in the crowded arena of fantasy game providers.

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