Maximize Your Daily Fantasy Sports Bonuses

How to maximize bonuses in Daily Fantasy Sports

Each major daily fantasy sports site offer large sign-up bonuses in order to attract new customers to try their site and slick software.  There is definitely money to be made, and the best way to take advantage of the lucrative promotions available to the public is to max-out the sign-up deposit bonus when making an initial deposit.  It is worth noting that almost all DFS sites offer trickle bonuses meaning that the bonus money is gradually released to your cash balance as you enter and complete paid contests.  For example, FanDuel and DraftKings release your bonus money at a rate of 4%, which is 4 cents per $1 spent on contest entries.  If you enter a $20 contest, you’ll release $0.80 of your available bonuses ($20 x 0.04 = $0.80).  It may seem like a long process to release the bonus money, but if you’re a regular DFS player it will be very quick to convert it.  The more you play, the faster you’ll release the bonus money.  Once the bonus money is released into your cash balance, they are eligible to be withdrawn.

Caveat: Each DFS site may differ in terms of their bonus release rate, for that reason it is highly recommended that you read each site’s terms and conditions carefully when attempting to maximize bonuses.

If you are a brand new DFS player, I recommend you take advantage of the sign-up bonuses with these DFS sites in the following order:

  1. DraftKings – 100% deposit bonus up to $600
  2. FanDuel – 100% deposit bonus up to $200
  3. DraftDay – 100% deposit bonus up to $200
  4. FantasyAces – 100% deposit bonus up to $500
  5. StarsDraft100% deposit bonus up to $250

View our daily fantasy sports comparison chart for even more bonuses from daily fantasy sports sites!

The best way to maximize bonus in DFS is to sign up for each site one at a time (or two sites simultaneously if your bankroll allows you to play), and always max-out the initial deposit bonus.  Once you have converted the bonus money into real money, simply withdraw, and try out a new DFS site. Rinse and repeat.

Every month there are new DFS sites popping up, and the market is quite competitive so each DFS site will offer standard 100% initial deposit bonuses… so take advantage of it!