DraftKings Review


Who they are

Established in 2011, by Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish and Paul Liberman, DraftKings is a Boston based online fantasy sports contest provider. DraftKings allows fantasy sports fans to compete in daily and weekly competitions and earn money depending on individual performances.

DraftKings is one of the leading fantasy sports providers in the country and what’s more to prove when they have a exclusive $250M advertising contract with the American sports network ESPN and a $250M non-exclusive advertising deal with 21st Century Fox‘s Fox Sports, two premier sports related television channels broadcasted worldwide.

What they offer

DraftKings offers customers the chance to interactively compete in five major American sports including MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and PGA in addition to offering Premier League and UEFA Champions League Soccer, NASCAR Auto Racing,  as well as American College Football and College Basketball on a daily basis. DraftKings also is the first major fantasy sports site to offer MMA in their portfolio of daily offerings.

DraftKings offers salary cap games are starting at free entries and range up to about $5200 and include a large number of league sizes from heads-up right up to large-field tournaments (GPPs) involving tens of thousands of players. In addition DraftKings also offers field double-ups from 50 to 200 entries. For those fantasy game fans who aren’t looking to spend any money, DraftKing provides daily free rolls, as well as a huge weekly free roll to reward their regular players.

Getting Started

The signup process for DraftKings is not at all complicated. It simply involves creating a username and password and providing a valid email address, stating your country and state and finally confirming that you are 18 years of age or more (19 years is the age limit for the states of Alabama and Nebraska). This constitutes the entire signup process.

If you are residing in the states of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana or Washington, you cannot win prizes but still play in games without prizes. Canadian residents however are not subject to any restrictions and can open an account and participate in all contests.

Payments and Bonuses

In order to be paying player of fantasy games you need to fill the typical form at DraftKings which does not take up much time. DraftKings accepts payments via credit cards, PayPal or Dwolla.

If you have a promo code, you can provide it obtain a free deposit bonus and with a thorough internet search, you can find DraftKings promo codes online which double the initial deposit (up to $600). No promo code? Not to worry because, still, DraftKings routinely doubles your initial deposit.

However, the deposit bonus does come with a slight catch. It isn’t available immediately. To release $1 of the bonus you need to collect 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP) and to collect FPP points, you need to take part in paying games. The higher the cost of the game, the larger the number of FPP points that can be created. Another point to keep in mind is that the deposit bonus expires four months after an account was created.

When you make the initial deposit at DraftKings you will be automatically emailed a free roll offer to enter a high-pay out game for which you have to pay absolutely nothing. A sort of gift from DraftKings for your initial deposit.

If you are wondering how long the entire process takes from signing up to making the deposit, the entire process takes less than five minutes.

Mastering site navigation

The workings of the website of DraftKings can be mastered in a few minutes and the dark background of the site is not much of a hindrance since the text is mostly white on the dark backdrop though occasional hindrances to visibility might spring up.

However the process involved in selecting and playing games as well as selecting players and managing their salaries and keeping track of your deposits is quite a simple process on DraftKings.

Your money can be tracked via a “balance” tag on the top of the screen. Further information regarding the balance can be viewed via a dropdown next to the “balance” tag such as bonuses and tickets. An orange tab next to the “balance” lets you increase your deposit via just a single click from $5-$2000.

Filtering the games that you are not interested in is possible via a simple process. On the left side of the screen an orange tag “Sport” with a dropdown displays all nine sports offered by DraftKings. You can view all details of a sport by selecting one of your choice. Right next to this dropdown is the advanced filter that lets you further narrow down the choice of games by start time, size and the entry fee.

The line-up building process is also easy to follow and the player profiles also have a cool layout showing player stats including recent fantasy point performances. In addition, the player pages also show player news and related tweets.

Though the look and feel of the player profiles is uber-cool, with relation to some sports, sometimes vital information can be missing. For example, in baseball, we cannot see whether a batter or a pitcher is a right-handed or left-handed player, and the matchup tab does not give individual information about an opposition player that our pitcher will be facing.

However there are other unique features that are provided by DraftKings only including a weather chart that is helpful for sports which are weather-dependant and an indication of the remaining salary of each player when you build line-ups.


The rake is a commission taken by a gaming site as a small percentage of the entry fee. The rake on DraftKings is quite standard with relation to the industry and is as follows:

  • $.25 -14%-15%
  • $1 to $22-10%
  • $55-9.09%
  • $109-8.26%
  • $215-6.98%
  • $530-5.66

Mobile Device Compatibility

DraftKings has a website which is compatible on all mobile devices in addition to an IOS app which is designed for a smooth player experience.

On DraftKings Mobile players can:

  • View account information
  • Edit line-ups
  • Deposit funds
  • Browse the Contest Lobby to enter events etc.

In addition to the above features users of the IOS app can invite their contacts to play on DraftKings and share links to individual contests.


DraftKings offers top-notch support to its players via an extensive range of FAQs, Contest Rules page for every contest as well as an online chat feature and email support. It is rumoured that DraftKings will also be expanding their support services to include phone support soon.


Being the new kid on the block, DraftKings has managed to capture a large portion of the fantasy gaming industry due to its ease of use and mobile compatibility as well the IOS app. If you are looking for user friendly gaming experience with value for money and looking to win some big prizes, DraftKings should definitely be your choice.

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