DraftDay Review

draftday_logo Who they are

DraftDay is a brainchild of the founders of the front running online poker company cardrunners.com. Thus DraftDay is a well-established and recognized brand in the fantasy gaming arena which was partly founded by professional poker player Taylor Caby and has been vetted by many big names in the world of poker including Kristy Arnett, Cole South and Brian Hastings.

What they offer

Currently DraftDay offers fantasy game players the chance to compete in NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and CFB contests and these can be played as Rapid Fire or Rapid Fire Max games.

For both of these types, DraftDay provides 5 player matchups and you need to select which of these matchups will earn the maximum number of points. Getting 3 out of 5 matchups correct in Rapid Fire contests allows you to double the money deposited while all 5 matchups need to be correct in Rapid Fire Max contests to increase your buy in by 20 times.

A unique type of game that is offered by DraftDay only are the Target Games. Here you earn a certain number of pre-targeted points with your player lineup to be the winner of a progressive prize pool. The prize pool is rolled forward to the next game if no player earns the set number of target points in a particular game.

In addition players at DraftDay can also compete in:

  • Beginners Only Games
  • Multiple Entry Games
  • Qualifiers
  • Double-Up games (top 50% win)
  • Triple-Up Games (top 33% win) etc.

Getting Started

DraftDay has the shortest signup process in the fantasy gaming industry where all that is required for signup is your name and a valid email address along with confirmation that you are 18 years of age (19 years if you reside in the states of Nebraska or Alabama).

Payments and Bonuses

Payments for DraftDay are accepted via credit cards or Paypal and the process involves clicking the “Add Funds” button positioned on the upper right hand corner of your page upon login. This will redirect you to a Deposit page where you can select your preferred method of payment.

DraftDay offers a deposit bonus of 100% for the first deposit made by a new player which is valid only up to an amount of $200 (which is low in comparison to other fantasy gaming sites). However the clearance rate of this bonus is a standard industry rate of 4% and can be claimed when you start playing paid games. A point to keep in mind is that the bonus comes with an expiration date and you must play sufficient paid games to claim the full bonus before it expires.

DraftDay also has a rewards program, split into 4 levels as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum where players can obtain rewards as freerolls or cashbacks:

  • Bronze – $101- $499 Buy in – $500 Freeroll
  • Silver – $500-$999 Buy in – $1000 Freeroll
  • Gold – $1,000-$2,499 Buy in – 20% Cashback
  • Platinum – $2,500+ Buy in – 25% Cashback

Mastering site navigation

Throughout the website of DrafDay you can see the touch of simplicity brought forward from online poker sites.

Thus the DraftDay lobby is simple and easy to master as well as easy to use. Users can select a sport of choice, the type of game, the value of the buy-in and the number of players in the contest on the left hand side of the screen after which all games which fall within the given criteria are displayed cleanly and neatly on the right hand side of the screen.

When preparing a roster a for a specific game, a pop-up box will display everything regarding a game including salaried roster cap, buy in, game start time, entries currently allowed and available, scoring by player/position, included match-ups, and total payouts.

DraftDay also offers features such as Average Salary Remaining per Player which shows the average salary you have remaining for each empty roster spot. There is also the Rapid Replace feature which allows seamlessly editing of a player across all line-ups.


DraftDay charges a standard industry rate as the rake and the rake charged decreases as the value of a buy-in game increases. Thus the rate varies between a percentage of 10% to 5% as follows:

Value of Buy-in Rake as a percentage
$1 0.10
$2.20 0.10
$3.30 0.10
$5.50 0.10
$11 0.091
$22 0.091
$55 0.091
$109 0.083
$215 0.07
$530 0.056

Mobile Device Compatibility

DraftDay has a website which is compatible across all mobile devices and offers almost all the functionalities found on the desktop version of DraftDay. In addition, there are 3 games available on the mobile app which is currently unfortunately only available on the IOS platform and can be downloaded via iTunes.

The 3 games which can be played on the IOS app are:

  • Rapid Fire Max – Where you can win up to 20 times of your buy-in value
  • Pick’em – Which offers player tiers to make drafting a team easier
  • Rapid Fire – Where you need to select 3 out of 5 teams in a head to head matchup. The winner needs to select all 3 teams correctly.


DraftDay provides top of the line customer service and they are quick, courteous and professional. The live chat box lets players settle their problems in real time while the Contact Us page allows submission of a form with detailed queries. In addition the customer service team at DraftDay can be contacted via email although they do not offer telephone services at the moment.

DraftDay also has a detailed FAQ page to settle issues common to all players in addition to a Terms and Conditions page which explains game rules and scoring methods in detail.


With a team with great and extensive experience in the poker industry, DraftDay is a site set to undergo innovation and introduce many improvements to the Daily Fantasy Gaming industry. A site of medium size, DraftDay is definitely worth a try for fans of daily fantasy gaming.

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